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Welcome to the Aha Lodge!

Experience your personal, unforgettable dream vacation on the Aha Lodge, no matter if it’s horseback riding, fishing, hiking or just chilling and relaxing. Here in the north of Europe the air is still clean and the land original and wild. Forget the traffic chaos, the time pressure and the stress, because you are on your way to experience an unique vacation… 

The Aha Lodge is framed by forests and meadows, close to the Aha lake in swedish lappland. The seemingly never ending woods, the mountain landscape and the wild rivers with their great salomons are reminding of Alaska and that’s why we sometimes like to call lappland “Europes Alaska”. The mountain ranges in the west are our Rocky mountains, the Sami, the last nomadic people in Europe, our First Nation, the leafcoloring in september is our indian summer, the oremine in Kiruna is our Klondike. Why fly so far away if Europes Alaska, if Lappland, is so close to home. And, not to forget, the Vindelfjäll Wildlife preserve in the adjacent commune is one of the greatest Wildlife preserves in Europe and the Vildelälven river is one of the last unobstructed rivers on our continent. There is even more to experience here. We would love to show you.

Spend the best days of the year with us on the Aha Lodge: After a refreshing night in one of our lodgings you let yourself be woken up by the eagles call, the common snipes or the classic call of the cuckoo and after a nice breakfast you let your personal adventure day begin. In the evening you can then sit cozily at the campfire and tell eachother about your activities and experiences or just listen to natures many voices and relax.   

Faithful to our motto to live in and with harmony in nature, we have thought about every detail and try to bring you as close to nature as possible. Feel free to stay a bit longer so you have time to get used to the peace and quiet of nature.   

With a max of four guests it allows us to offer you optimal supervision. Every horseback tour private, exclusively for you based on the respect for nature and peace. 

On our ethnic trip to Båtsuoj you can learn about todays and the traditional Samis way of living. These indigenous people have been living here for many centuries and are one with nature and their beloved reindeers.

When riding we want to be like the wild animals and leave our hoofprints. We watch out for fox, reindeers, moose or brownbears.

You do not need to be a passionate rider to participate in a horseback tour or a wild biologist to enjoy your stay with us. Your personal wishes are the key to a perfect vacation in lappland, on the Aha Lodge and with nature.

We are convinced that we need to treat nature with respect because here, in the wild of lappland, we are all sure that we are a part of it.


Arrival to Lappland

Lappland (388.350 km2) is 10% bigger than germany or about 9.5 times as big as Switzerland. It is located top end of Europe, directly adjacent to the north atlantic and the polar sea. Lappland reaches across the North of the four autonomical countries Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. Even tho it is sparsely populated and masses of untouched nature it provides an astonishing good traffic-infrastructure. The Aha Lodge is located in Swedish Lappland in the province Västerbotten. The main city Umeå (84 000 citizens) has an international airport and the whole province (210 000 citizens) is laced with a net of well developed roads. 

    National flightconnections to Umeå exist around the whole year from Stockholm and Göteborg. To Arvidsjaur there are scheduled flights monday – friday and sundays around the year from stockholm with Nextjet. In the winter there are direct flights with FlyCar from the german airports Munchen, Stuttgart, Frankfurt (Hahn) and Hannover. In the summer 2018 there also are Charterflights from the Netherlands to Skellefteå. 

    On the countryroad there are three well developed roads from the south to Lappland: the well known E4 from Stockholm alongside the east coast and the gulf of Bothnia until Happaranda, the E6 in Norway through spectacular landscapes past the North Cape to Kirkens and the famous “Inlandsvägen” (= E45, 4 920km long), which starts in Sicily, reaches Göteborg in Sweden and leads through breathtaking Wood landscapes until it reaches the Finnish Karesuvanto. Your alternative on the road to Aha Lodge since we only live 12km away.

    Another arrival alternative provides itself with the train: from Stockholm to Umeå and then further with the bus to Sorsele or in the summer from Stockholm to Östersund and further with the “Inlandsbanan” parallelly to the E4 to Sorsele.

    Other than that the country is laced with a net of public busroutes, with a bit of patience you can reach almost every location by bus.

Where is Sorsele?

Sorsele is located about 300km westnorthwest from Umeå in the broadly untouched northwest of the province Västerbotten. A road, the national road 363, which is continuously asphalt paved, runs parallely to the Vindelälven through the bumpy upland to Sorsele.

    Aha Lodge itself is located about 20km outside of Sorsele very close to the Aha lake marginally to the village with the same name, Aha. Nine Swedish citizens and us are the only residents in this village in the middle of the wonderful nature.

Other arrival methods

  • Independ arrival with the car/camper

The drive to the Aha Lodge is part of the experience and can easily be placed in a Lappland roundtour. This will make you experience the North in a impressing way.

    For the arrival at the Aha Lodge by car there are following routes:

From the south on the Inlandsvägen (E45) from Göteborg, always going north, about 17 hours for about 1130km. We reccomend an overnight stay somewhere for this route. Alternatively there is Stockholm which is about 15 hours for 1250km since there are some some sections with highways.

From the north here we also have Inlansvägen (E45) which leads to Sorsele. From the polar circle in Jokkmokk via Arvidsjaur it’s about 230km, it’s about a 3.5 hour drive.

From the southeast (the most beautiful route) On the National road 363 you keep following the unadulterated, unobstructed, and with some sections pronounced biosphere reserve river Vindelälven to the little village Gargnäs (about 220km and 3.5 hours) and from there following a nature road leading directly to the Aha Lodge (25km, 0.5 hours). You can get information about the current road conditions at every tourist office or online at

If needed we will gladly provide you with a rental car from Umeå or Sorsele. We are glad to advise you on this matter.

  • Bus

Between Umeå and Sorsele there are public busses, . Umeå offers a connection to remote busses, , train and airplane as well as a ferry to Finland. From the flanking Storuman there is a public busroute which connects Lappland with the capital Stockholm. Southwards the bus drives from storuman in the evening and arrives in Stockholm in the morning. In the morning the bus drives Northwards from Stockholm and reaches Storuman in the evening. (Price for adults: 680 SEK, it’s cheaper for students and children). Dates 2018:

Direction    –    Storuman – Stockholm: Sunday, Thursday (19:15 – 07:00)

Direction    –    Stockholm – Storuman: Monday, Friday (09:00 – 21:00)

Between Sorsele or Storuman we are happy to organize a transfer for you. We will gladly advise you on this matter. 

  • Train

Multiple trains a day drive between Stockholm and Umeå such as night trains with sleeping waggons, which leave Stockholm respectively Umaeå on the late evenings and you will arrive at your destination early in the morning 


From Umeå there are public busses to Sorsele. Between Sorsele and the Aha Lodge we are happy to organize a transfer. We will gladly advise you on that matter.

  • Pick up service

In case you do not want to drive yourself we will gladly organize a transfer to the Aha Lodge, this service is possible every day. The prices depend on the amount of staff members and the distance you wish to travel. Please contact us if you would like to be picked up at the trainstation, busstation or airport.


Stuga Ren

Your accommodation is a typical little swedenhouse, naturally red and made out of wood which is gathered from the surrounding woods. The swedenhouse, more commonly known as stuga in Sweden, consists out of three rooms and has a terrace on which you can enjoy the morning sun or in the evening you can make your dinner on the Moose-grill.

The comfortable and rustique stuga has a bathroom with a sink and a eco-friendly toilet in the hind end. The bedroom has one bed and one bunk-bed. The living room contains a table with four chairs, a sideboard and a complete kitchen with hotplates, fridge, sink and everything you need to cook for yourself. Except for the electric heater there is a small wood oven for heat and coziness. 

From your window you can’t only see the countless birds, but with a bit of luck you can also see a fox or moose sometimes. In the spring the adjacent wetlands are a resting spot for many migratory birds. 

It is our goal to give you a relaxing vacation in lappland, doesn’t matter if it’s horseback riding, hiking, biking, canoeing or fishing.

For your vacation in Lappland on the Aha Lodge you can of course rent our stuga without a program for an absolutely transparent price.


  • 495, – SEK a day for the stuga with a maximum of three adults. 
  • regularly 3118,50 SEK/week for the stuga with a maximum of three adults.
  • Electricity and fuelwood for the Oven are included in the price.

Extra costs:    

The costs for cleaning if the stuga is NOT clean after turning the keys in.


Bedding and towels, 75 SEK/set.

Canoe lease inkl. paddle, lifejackets and a waterproof canoebag: 2 hours 125 SEK, 4 hours 225 SEK, 8 hours 400 SEK.

    Fishing gear/set: 175 SEK inkl. fishing license (daycard)

Please have in mind that this is a NO SMOKING facility!

Arrival and departure

Please be so kind and clear the facility at latest at 11:00 O’clock the last day of your booking so that we can prepare the stuga for the next coming guests. 

    We appreciate the arrival at 16:00 or later or at an agreed to time. Directions and a map for a detailed arrival you can find here

Hus älg 

Your accommodation is a typical little north swedish house, naturally red and made out of wood which is gathered from the surrounding woods. It has two bedrooms with each two beds, one bathroom with shower, a cozy livingroom and a kitchen with stove, fridge, sin, coffee brewer, water boiler, Cutlery etc.  

    All the rooms have radiators which get heated up centrally over the wood oven in the kitchen.

    In the common garden there is a barbecue with sitting opportunity. 

It is our goal to give you a relaxing vacation in lappland, doesn’t matter if it’s horseback riding, hiking, biking, canoeing or fishing.

For your vacation in Lappland on the Aha Lodge you can of course rent our house without a program for an absolutely transparent price.


  • 900, – SEK a day for the stuga with a maximum of four adults. 
  • regularly 6000 SEK/week for the stuga with a maximum of four adults.
  • Electricity and fuelwood for the Oven are included in the price.

Extra costs:    

The costs for cleaning if the stuga is NOT clean after turning the keys in.


Bedding and towels, 75 SEK/set.

Canoe lease inkl. paddle, lifejackets and a waterproof canoebag: 2 hours 125 SEK, 4 hours 225 SEK, 8 hours 400 SEK.

    Fishing gear/set: 175 SEK inkl. fishing license (daycard)

Please have in mind that this is a NO SMOKING facility!

Arrival and departure

Please be so kind and clear the facility at latest at 11:00 O’clock the last day of your booking so that we can prepare the stuga for the next coming guests. 

    We appreciate the arrival at 16:00 or later or at an agreed to time. Directions and a map for a detailed arrival you can find here.

Stuga ekorre 

We have begun with the building of a rustic loftstuga for 2 (4) people. The stuga is located in a small birch forest close to the Aha Lodge with view on the moose moor. Planned facilities: two (four) sleeping places in the loft, big eating- and livingroom with a stove, fridge, pots, cutlery, sink, water out of canisters, 12 volt lights, table, chairs, wood oven, own barbecue, eco outside toilet and a shower in the main facility. 

On this page you will be able to follow the process of the building with pictures. 

End of September 2017: Material delivery, groundwork and the beginning of building.

October 2017: Completion of the shell. Over winter the shell is supposed to set with the help of the snow weight before the windows and door are put in in the spring. 

November 2018: Much has happened in the meantime: the roof is completely finished with roof cardboard and the usual roof panels out of tin, all four windows and the door are put in, the floor is isolated and the parquet is put down, the loft and the ladder is done and the first two walls are isolated and dressed in wood. – pictures are coming soon.

Autumn 2020: Clear for rental.


Riding tours for beginners and pros

Under the motto “explore Lappland” we offer different horseback riding tours, which are suited for both riders and non-riders. Doesn’t matter if you live on the Aha Lodge, are on your way with the car or camper or with the train. Just leave the traveling stress behind for a second and swap the steering wheel for reins for a day or two. 

Riding in Lappland – pure nature awaits you!

All tours are supervised by us and include a short introduction, riding helmets and meals.

Choose the one suited best for you:

  • Tours from one to three hours 

This tour takes us through the closer environment of the hamlet Aha. You choose yourself how long you want to ride. 

Price person/hour: 200 SEK 

  • Half day tour – about four hours 

This tour takes through the further away environment of the hamlet Aha. Snack and drink (no alcohol) are included.

Price/person: 795 SEK with 2-3 people, 995 SEK for one person

  • Day tour – about six hours 

The tour leads through the great Aha mountain. Dark forests, sparse heights, still lakes and sparkly rivers are waiting for us. Lunchpack and drinks (no alcohol) are included.

Price/person: 1 195 SEK for 2-3 people, 1 495 SEK for one person.

  • Two day tour – two days / one outdoor overnight stay

This tour gives us pure wildness feeling. We ride through the woods of Lappland to our outdoorcamp where we will spend the night. Campfire romance! On the next day we will make our way back to the Aha Lodge. Lunchpack (day one), dinner, breakfast and alcohol free drinks are included.

Price/person: 1995 SEK for 2-3 people, 2 495 SEK for one person.

  • ethno tour to the sami    
  • Hiking with packhorse    

Appointments: All our horseback tours are private. We are glad to arrange the tour after yor time planning.

Did we wake your interest? You can contact us here.

Saddle and paddle

Experience an extraordinary day. Start at the Aha Lodge for a horseback tour. Past the Aha Lake through the Aha mountains to an idyllic breakplace where you will get a little something to eat. Later you swap the saddle with a canoe and cross the adjacent lake until you reach the Aha Lodge again. Enjoy the peace, stop at one of the shores and go swimming or bring a fishing rod and try to catch your own dinner.

Regardless of how you design your canoe tour, the unique vibe on the lakes here will catch you with its spell.

Price: 995 SEK/ person / at least 2 / max. 4

Stopover – SADDLE’n’PADDLE 

A special experience for nature lovers and “outdoor-newbies” in the heart of Swedish lappland.

Day one: out in the wild

Welcometo the Aha Lodge (in case you’d arrive with the Inlandsbanan we will pick you up at the train station in Sorsele), you will get to know your guide over a tourplanning and a cup of coffee and pastries. After that the horses get tacked up. The tour leads through the woods of lappland along the Aha mountains to the idyllic outdoorcamp which you will reach in the early evening. Take on the horses serenity and let the nature cast its spell on you.  After dinner you have enough time to explore the surrounding environments, to go fishing, gather a few berries for desert or just relax. You will sleep in tents. 

Day two: Through Lappland in the canoe.  

After breakfast the canoe tour back to the Aha Lodge starts. Enjoy the peace and quiet on the lake, watch a beaver or take a break and go swimming. It doesn’t matter how you choose to design your canoe tour, the special atmosphere on the lapplandic lakes will cast its spell on you. On the Aha Lodge you will have the opportunity to refresh yourself before you continue your journey. If you arrive with the Inlandsbanan you will get a transfer to Sorsele at lunchtime so that you will have enough time to go shopping or eat luch before you travel on. 


  • Transfer Sorsele – Aha Lodge and back
  • One outdoor overnight stay in a two-man tent
  • Lying mat, sleeping bag
  • one coffee and pastry
  • one outdoor dinner 
  • one outdoor breakfast
  • alcohol free drinks (water, juice, coffee or tea)
  • one canoe tour, guided including lifewests, about 2 hours.
  • one horseback tour, guided including a helmet, about 2 hours. 
  • luggage transport 
  • german speaking supervision

Price/person: 1 695 SEK

Amount of participants: minimum: 2 people / max. 8 people 

Ethnotour to the Sami

Lappland is the home to reindeers and moose. They wander through the forests of north Sweden. Only the reindeers are looked after by the Sami, the nomadic native people though. This horsebacktour is supposed to bring you closer to the sensational nature with its spacious mountain landscape of forests, moors, lakes and rivers such as the Samis culture and lifestyle.


Day one: Arrival, dinner and overnight stay in a traditional Swedenhouse. 

    Day two: After meeting the horses you get to ride through the Gargrutjevalley northways. While the river Gargån takes an east turn after a few kilometers you will continue northways. You will notice the greater and smaller beautiful parts along the way and enjoy being away from civilisation.

Day three: We continue through the nature of northsweden. After about an hour in the saddle you will reach the canyon Gimegoults from the ice age. Here we take a bit of a longer break so that you will have the time to wander along the path next to the canyon by foot which always promises a breathtaking view into the water filled crevice and offers a home to many birds of prey.

After another hour of riding you will reach a lake with a sandshore, where you can take a refreshing bath on hot summer days. We now continue eastways where we will see Gargån again later on the day. 

    Day four: Today includes a longer passage offroad through the woods. In the afternoon you reach the Forestsamecenter Båtsuoj. Here you will be greeted by the Sami family Svensson and supervised. During the evening you will learn everything about the bearing and use of the reindeers and the Sami lifestyle in the fat and now. You will spend the night in a traditional kåta on reindeerskins.

    Day five and six: We make our way back to the Aha Lodge. Enjoy the peace and quiet from the horseback once more. Let your gaze hoover over the landscape and the mystic swamps, idyllic lakes, flooding rivers and mysterious woods cast their spell on you. Maybe you even get to see a reindeer or a moose. After meeting the Sami you probably have a different view on one thing or another.

    Day seven: This day is all up to you. Review your experiences, go hiking, canoeing or fishing. In case there already are cloudberries, blueberries or cranberries that are ripe you can always go pick some berries too. We are glad to help make jam out of them later if you want to do that. That will give you a sweet memory and/or a little souvenier.

    Day eight: After breakfast, departure. 


  • three overnight stays on the Aha Lodge in a double room in a typical Swedenhouse.
  • On the horseback tour three overnight stays in a two-man tent, one overnight stay with the Sami in a traditional Kåta.
  • Full board (breakfast, lunchpack, dinner
  • Drinks (breakfast, lunchpack, dinner)
  • Drinks to the meals (coffee, tea, water)
  • Riding helmets (we recommend bringing your own helmet if you have one though) 

Appointments:   27.05.2018 – 03.06.2018,

                          16.09.2018 – 23.09.2018.

Other appointments are possible if requested.

Minimum participants: two people, max four people.

Requirement: Not a beginner rider 

Price: 19 500 SEK/person

Interested? You can request a place in one of the tours here.

Hiking with packhorse 

You like to hike and would like to hike away from civilization for a few days? If this dream has always failed because you can’t or simply just don’t want to carry all your gear, we can offer you a solution. Since 2014 we own two packsaddles from Rangoline and therewith our horses are ready to carry your gear for you. We offer the tours supervised and unsupervised.

With the supervised tours with packhorses you will have a guide by your side from the first encounter with the horses until the parting from the horses. The guides main purpose on this tour is for counselling and helping with the horses. Every other actions are up to you and are your responsibility. 

    With the unsupervised tours with packhorses you get an introduction from us on how to tack up the horse and lead it and after that you are on your own. You do not need to be a pro for this but please keep in mind: Horses are not machines but flight animals with their own needs. This means that you need to be a calm heard leader and adapt your pace to horse speed a bit. If you manage to do this the horse will walk through fire with you.

No matter if you want to hike without or with a guide, you can put together your own route. You should always talk this through with us first though so that we can point out passages that may be difficult for the horse beforehand and offer alternative routes.

You can also choose to let us put together the route for you in which we, of course, will take your thoughts and wishes in consideration.

You also do not have to start or end your hike on the Aha Lodge. We do offer a transfer of the horse/horses to the starting point and/or back to the lodge from the ending point.

You have to put together your luggage and your catering as if you were hiking without a horse because the horse needs to carry alot for itself too (food, water, grooming tack, fencing for the night etc.). If you manage to reduce your luggage to 20kg/person, two people can share one horse. It will be easier and more comfortable for everyone included if you have one horse/person. 


  • Horse including tack (saddle, halter, leadroap and food: 500 SEK/day
  • Guide: 1500 SEK/day
  • Horse transfer: 3,50 SEK/km
  • Route planning: 100 SEK/travelday


The Aha Lodge is perfectly located for a bunch of trips to the closer environments. Doesn’t matter if northward, southward, eastward or westward. There is so much to explore. Here are some proposals from us for you: 

Arjeplog: About 10 swedish miles northwards the little city Arjeplog is located. In the winter all the cartesters are drawn there, in the summer it is a beautiful village. Seaworthy is the Silvermuseum, the church and the close mountain Galtis, the highest mountain close to the lodge. In 800 m hight you have a beautiful view on all the environments.                    

Slagnäs/Gaza: On your way from or to Arjeplog it fits to visit the Sami-center in Båtsuoj. The owners, Lotta and Tom, will gladly show you their reindeers, their traditional buildings and tell you about the Samis lifestyle in the past and in the present.                   

Polarcircle/Jokkmokk: This will definitely be a daytrip even though the polarcircle is only 250 road-kilometers away from the Aha Lodge. Always northwards on the E45 you reach the gate to the arctic after two to three hours if there aren’t reindeers on the road to slow you down. On the road a stop on the parking spot in front of the bridge of the Piteriver is to recommend. Only five minutes northways from the polarcircle you reach Jokkmokk.The perfect place for a lunchbreak. The old church with its roots in the beginning of the 18th century and the Samish Ajtte museum are a must.               

Arvidsjaur: Just one hour away with the car from the Aha Lodge you will find Arvidsjaur. With about 6000 citizens it is quite big for lappland. You find many stores here like; Anna Lisa’s Souveniershop or for the fans of Reindeer- and moosemeat the Frost AB or Arvidsjaurs Renslakterie. Seaworthy is the church directly at the village entrance on the right side and right after the left slip road to Lappstaden. A church- and place of trade village of the Sami, which has been used since many hundred years ago.                         

Svansele: Again, a little longer trip on the road to Skellefteå Svansele is located. The Svansele Vildmarkcenter is an astonishing collection of the animal- and botanic world of Lappland “on earth, in the water and in the air”, in the spring, summer, autumn and winter. Great to eat lunch: Thorbjörns classic Pytt i Panna made on open fire.                   

Kristineberg: In Kristineberg there is the underground church. After the Marian apparition on the stonewall this place was pronounced place of pilgrimage as is visited alot even today.   

Örträsk/Mensträsk:     On the way to Svansele you pass the longest cableway for people in the world. 1989 the cableway made the Guiness world record book, the ride takes about one and a half hours with the gondola. In a hight between seven and twenty-six meters you go about eleven km/h over tight birchwoods, creaks and different lakes. Whoever wants can order a little lunch and enjoy it in an airy high with a max of four people/gondola.                    

Lycksele: The city Lycksele is only about 15 swedish miles away from the Aha Lodge. Just the drive there, over a long distance along the unadulterated Vindelälven is seaworthy and a stop at a lot of rapids is worth it, Lycksele has, for the amusement of your kids, a big adventure bath, a zoo with nordic animals, moose and reindeer, bobcats, wolverine and brownbear and a lot more. If you’re interested in woodwork finds the Skogsudeum right next to the Gammplatsen (outdoor museum), a place of history of the swedish forest industry, from the first stoneaxe to the modern harvester.           

Storuman: In Storuman one or another has been exited by visiting there in the early summer. Not only is there a great market but also the championships in Mud-soccer, arm wrestling and the crossing of lakes with the snowmobile (yes in the summer) are the main attractions.   

Hemavan: If you drive via Sorsele to the mountains and towards the norwegian border, you will automatically land in Hemavan. In Hemavan every northwards leading passage of the royal path of the Kungsleden and exactly at the entrance there is the Fjällbotanic garden to admire, which brings the botanic world of the mountains astonishingly close.      

Ammarnäs: Ammarnäs is the northwest village of the commune on the edge of the mountain world of the fjäll. The road there goes along the Vindelälven, here you also can go hiking along Kungsleden. Seaworthy is the naturum with the display about the nature of the regionand the “Potatisbacken”, a little hill on which they since many generations back they grow a special potato, the Almond potato.

Mo i Rana/Svartisen/Polarcircle:  A few day trip is the trip to Norwegian shore at Mo i Rana and the visit of the with 370 km2  big glacier which is the second largest glacier in Norway. It is easy to reach. In the summer you can drive with the boat over the fjord in only 15 minutes. There is a hiking path which is about 4 km long to the Østertal-glacial lake and to the glacier snout. Continue on the E6 to the polarcircle center and over the so called blood path, a spectacular climbing to the mountains until the swedish border, continue over the Silverroad and Arjeplog back to the Aha Lodge. 

Our animals


Maymoona (born 1992) is a fullbloodmix and with us from the very start. With the years she has calmed down a bit and now is a total beginner horse and carries every beginner patiently through the lapplanddic woods. With experienced riders she sometimes likes to show how much power she still has left though.


Ronny (born 2008) made his journey from germany to sweden in his Miraflores tummy.  Even though he is very stubborn sometimes he is easy to handle and has evolved into an amazing horse.     

Tobbel (Toblerone Hornline) 

Toblerone (born 2002) comes from Sweden and is a Thoroughbred trotter gelding. Just like a youngster he likes to trott more than to canter even under the saddle but he has no trouble leaving the galloping horses in a cloud of dust while trotting. He is part of our team since 2008.       


Reija (born 2002) is a North swedish draught horse trotter and in our team since 2015. Don’t be fooled by the word draught horse here. Bred for the racing industry these horses have a lot of an “engine” but are not at all hot headed. Good conditions for every kind of trail riding.

Lotta (Bodil)                   

Lotta (born 2008) is a North swedish draught horse and in our team since 2017. She is the “replacement” of Molly as a weight carrier. Like her name suggest she is a bit sassy but on the other hand, typical for her breed, willing to work, gentle and relaxed.       

Molly (Ryans Riverdance) 

Molly (born 1994) is obviously a Tinker/Irish cob mare. A draught horse with the same temper. Calm and reliable as she is she was mostly responsible for beginners from 2009 to 2016. Since then she enjoys her retirement here at our lodge.        


Our Labrador retriever bitch (born 2006) is everything you would think of a Labrador: loves water, kind, patient, loves human contact but sadly also greedy.                    


In our sixth winter here it’s finally time: our first Siberian Husky is here. Björna (born 2006) is from Nymånen Kennel . Her three biggest hobbies: Run, run, run!    



Born 1997, mother Maymoona and father an argentinian Criollo. She surely was the best horse in the barn – Strong nerves and always ready to give everything. All the good traits of a Criollo basically. Sadly we lost the fight against her untreatable illness and had to let her go over the rainbow bridge in the end of March 2014.